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Content guidelines for dining reviews

Rewards Network® encourages members to contribute feedback in the form of written reviews after visiting participating restaurants, bars and clubs. These reviews are intended to help other diners make informed dining decisions, and to provide participating restaurants with insight into their perceived successes and areas for potential improvement.

To best serve both diners and restaurants, we ask that the feedback provided be meaningful and constructive. Here are some guidelines that will help you to provide valuable content:


We want to hear original thoughts about your personal experience. Please do not include information that is copied from someone or is the intellectual property of any other website or source.


Information contained within a review should be factual. We encourage you to share your opinions but ask you to avoid exaggerating, misrepresenting your experience or including hearsay.


A review should focus only on your dining experience. To judge whether a comment is relevant, check to see if it relates directly to a ratings category from the survey component of your review (Food, Service, Cleanliness, Value). Irrelevant content, such as promotional material, reference to other businesses or discount/loyalty rewards programs and opinions about the dining program itself, is not allowed (To share your thoughts on a Rewards Network program, please contact Member Services at

Offensive content

Obscene, distasteful, profane, insulting or malicious comments are considered inappropriate and will not appear online.

Questionable activities

Reference to illegal activities by a restaurant, including excessive charges, stolen credit cards or threats will not appear online and will be immediately investigated by Rewards Network.

Conflict of interest

Reviews are intended to be for diners by diners, and should be unbiased. Reviews by restaurant employees and competitors with malicious intent are not allowed.

All reviews, whether positive or negative, will be published to our websites unless 1) the review does not meet the established guidelines and/or violates Rewards Networks' Terms and Conditions the reviewer specifies they prefer the feedback be sent only to the establishment. Unless reviewers choose to identify themselves in the body of the review, comments are anonymous, and only the first and last initials of the reviewer will be displayed.

Rewards Network will not edit the text within a review unless it references a specific dining program name or currency. In such cases, program names will be neutralized to "dining program" and reference to "miles," "points," etc. will become "benefits" or "rewards." This is done so reviews can be posted to multiple dining program websites operated by Rewards Network.

Rewards Network reserves the right to determine if a particular review is compliant with the "Content Guidelines for Dining Reviews" and/or Rewards Networks' Terms and Conditions, and will, in its sole discretion, exercise the right to remove it as appropriate.

Who can submit a Dining Review?

To ensure quality and accuracy, the ability to contribute a review is limited to members who have actually dined at a specific program restaurant. After each verified dine, members are emailed a link to complete a review for that specific dining experience. Reviews can also be accessed through the Account Center.